Independent Production – Final Website Complete


This is a link to the final complete website.

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Independent Production – My Production Process

Throughout the production process somethings have become apparent to me. I have learnt to work in different ways and using different programs.

Adobe Muse – This was the first time I have used Adobe Muse, I normally use Dreamweaver which can become confusing and harder to produce quality work on. I feel Muse has made me a stronger web designer and has allowed me to create a very professional looking site. I have also gained a greater understanding of the program throughout the production process which has allowed me to create an even stronger website towards the end that is very user friendly and really does do everything I envisaged it would do.

Crowdsourcing – This way of collecting information is a very difficult one. Although I eventually secured some success I have realised that it requires a lot of commitment and effort. Finding the right social network is also key mine in the end was Instagram having tried unsuccessfully on Twitter and Facebook. I would though think twice about picking a project like this again though as it requires all of your attention and this is hard to do when you are trying to complete two other modules at the same time.

Continuity – It was somewhat clear to me before I made this site that the site should have a constant theme throughout. Going through with this idea and seeing the end product has convinced me that it is one of the key elements to creating a successful site. Keeping text, structure and colour the same are the three main details that were important for me throughout this process.

Time Management – At points throughout this project I have struggled to juggle all of my commitments. I have realised that having a clear structure and plan of what needs to be done when can make your life a whole lot easier when working on numerous projects.

Picking something you enjoy – I feel that if this site wasn’t based on something that I am so passionate about I may of lost interest incredibly quickly. Having a theme that you enjoy working with is very important and this has led to me being very meticulous about what the end product looks like.

Independent Production – Memorable away games

Today I completed the both individual and home pages for the memorable away games section of the website, meaning the site is complete other than some extensive testing.
The pages look brilliant and I believe the tile effect on the home page is very pleasing it took me a while to figure out how to get the rollovers working with three layers being on each rollover. The first is the actual image then I have added a rollover transparent red square followed by a rollover layer of text giving the date and stadium. I have purposely not included the opponents to give a sense of intrigue for the visitor to the site. After choosing this design I felt it was important to look at the most popular and discussed tile design ever windows 8. I struggled to find theory surrounding it but then came across some quotes from one of its creators.

“We have a design philosophy, and one of the aspects of it is putting the information that you care about at your fingertips. Everything else we want to recede. It should be the best presentation of the thing the person cares about. It’s their photos — it’s not wrapping it in big buttons that say it’s a photo. You don’t need that,” he says.” (Pachal, 2008)

Although my work is a website and not a complete operating system the quote “putting the information that you are about at your fingertips” really stuck out at me. My website isn’t cluttered with information but including the tile design and making the whole page clear with information and links was something that was important to me. It was also important that the site worked with a touch screen interface which a tile like design is perfect for.

Each individual page is also packed with a match report that gives visitors a great insight into what happened on that very day. Below is an image or video that reflects that day evoking even more memories for the visitor. Keeping the design similar to that which was included on the 14/15 pages was important and I feel I have done this only changing the design very slightly, this was due to me having much more detailed match reports that took up more space so it made more sense to dedicate a bigger space to this text.

Below are images of the Memorable away games homepage and the Liverpool away page.

Memorable Away Games Home Page

Liverpool Memorable Away Games Page

Pachal, P. (2008) The Philosophy Behind Windows 8, From One of Its Creators. Available at:

Independent Production – Memorable Away Games

Today I completed the 14/15 pages adding all of the content I had planned too. I have now moved on to starting to complete the Memorable Away Games pages. I have decided to rethink how I will be completing these pages after considering the content I wish to find.
I have been struggling to find images of games more than 5 years ago, I imagine this is down to smart phones only really being about for around 6 years, smartphones have allowed me to find images of high quality. Before this I know you were not allowed to take cameras into Bristol City’s home ground Ashton Gate and I imagine this would of been the same at other grounds meaning if you wanted to take a video or photo you would have to do so on a 2 megapixel camera which doesn’t provide you with great quality.
Bearing this in mind and the fact that other games I was looking to include were in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s where there would of been virtually no fan photography. I started to look for a different approach. I came up with the idea of fans submitting requests for games to be included and giving a detailed match report and finding highlights or images where possible. I came up with new page designs and started looking for images and video. My father suggested his favourite away game from 1976 when city played arsenal at Highbury I found some match Highlights that were old but looked interesting as they sparked memories for him plus they sparked conversation between the both of us.
I have now decided that the memorable away games section is now going to be about evoking memories of a past Bristol City for fans, giving them a chance to relive the experience and remembering important goals and wins from decades ago as well as more reason matches. You could say the visitor could just go to youtube and find the matches but unless you are searching for a specific game these videos are hard to come across and you would struggle to find them. My site gives the visitor an opportunity to view these videos coupled with a detailed match report and stats. As I previously said these are also submitted to us so if you have completely forgotten about a game you will still be able to read and view content surrounding it. Below is the new storyboards for the pages and also the video of Bristol City playing and winning at Highbury.

Individual Pages Memorable Away Games Page


Independent Production – Other project deadlines

Due to having other deadlines around this period I have failed to work a lot towards my project but I have been busy collecting images and making sure fans know about us on the instagram platform. I plan to start working on the project again at the beginning of May.
I feel I have made a lot of progress on my site and really the only section that needs a lot of work is the Memorable Away Games page, I have failed to start this but I have a good idea of what it will look like and I am confident in completing the project on time.

Independent Production – Instagram Progress

My instagram page is becoming reasonably successful. After trying to gain followers on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter I have found that instagram is the place for my project to gain supporters. I have followed lots of fans from the Bristol City instagram page and many have decided to follow back, liking the images I have posted and also sometimes sending their own in. I have enjoyed this process and the sense of satisfaction you gain from people responding to your project is one that I didn’t really think about but it is definitely a positive one. As you can see below I have also asked people to share images with us and this has also been successful with a small amount of fans joining in.


Independent Production – Completing 2014/15

Over the last few days I have started to create my 2014/15 individual pages. I have designed a gallery I would like to use and have also decided on the universal lay out I would like to use across all my individual pages even in the memorable games section. You can see the Swindon page below, every page has it’s structure complete but some will still need to be completed with match reports and images as the season is not yet over. The gallery I have used lists all the images in a tile like spread, you can then click on each individual image to expand it, it does this using a visually pleasing transition that makes might site feel professional.

The idea for the layout of the pages was to pack as much information in as possible to give the audience a clear understanding of the occasion. The top of the page lists the teams with the colours they wore that day, I have tried to make this area look like a scoreboard much like you would see at matches. The write up tries to include information on the match and also information on the event, the distance, the amount of fans travelled and also what the game meant for the team and the players, creating a sense of journey as you go through the locations.

Swindon Town 14/15