Independent Production – The importance of flow

The gallery I included in my website keeps the visitor to the site on the same page and doesn’t load a new page for them to view each image. This is something that I have noticed when browsing the web and when a new page is loaded for each image it really frustrates me. This is something that I have looked into and considered when searching and designing the right gallery for my pages.

“In the book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, published by Harper Perennial, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes the state of “optimal experience” as the times when people enter a state of concentration so focused it creates a state of effortless control. Athletes may enter into flow and report the feeling of unself-consciousness as well as rising to the peak of their abilities. Flow, however, can be broken by a sudden awareness of the surroundings or by some interruption that happens to come along.”
(Scott and Neil, 2009, pp. 103 – 103)

In the book Designing web interfaces the author explains flow and translates it for the art of web design.

“Unfortunately, users of our web applications rarely experience this level of happiness. In fact, the traditional web experience is punctuated with a page refresh each time the user chooses an action. It’s like watching a play where the curtain comes down between each line of dialogue. The page refresh creates an artificial break in the action—or a break in the user’s flow.”
(Scott and Neil, 2009, pp. 103 – 103)

It talks about the traditional web experiences of each action ending in a new page being loaded. Being a relatively new web designer this could of happened to my website very easily. Ensuring galleries, links and slideshows are appropriate in terms of reloading a page if needed and not if not needed has become important to me and choosing the correct gallery for my 2014/2015 season pages has made sure that a big chunk of my website doesn’t do this.

Scott, B. and Neil, T. (2009) Designing Web Interfaces: Principles and Patterns for Rich Interactions. United States: O’Reilly Media, Inc, USA


Independent Production – Purchasing a domain

Today I purchased a website and server space. I was already provided with server space and a domain by UWE. I decided to purchase my own because I wanted my site to have the name that I had planned it to have from the start. If I hadn’t of purchased a site my website would of had my name in the url which doesn’t make sense if I want visitors to view it.

I bought it all from 1and1 a website and server domain company and I have successfully uploaded a incomplete version of my website to make sure I know how it works. Things are now starting to take shape and I am enjoying the process as it feels very professional having my very own domain and live site.

Independent Production – Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.26.03
Over the easter period I have decided to include another page of my site which includes an instagram widget. This widget collects every post on instagram on our official instagram page as well as anything using the hashtag #awayfromthegate. I believe adding this provides more depth to the website and a chance for fans to see there images straight away before I organise them as well as others on to the individual pages.

Final Website Production – Social Networks

Today I created the new social media accounts so I cans start interacting with my fans. I set up an email, Facebook group and Twitter account. This way fans will be able to contact us at on all networks. At a later date I may launch a Instagram account but this isn’t necessary at the moment as fans can still use the hashtag #awayfromthegate on this platform.


Independent Production – Wembley trip

Yesterday I travelled with Bristol City to the national stadium Wembley. 40,000+ supporters made the same trip and it was a great time for me and my friends to get some images of our own.
I gathered images from on the train journey, outside the ground, in a local club that city fans hired out themselves and in the ground during the match and as we lifted the trophy (we won 2-0). This allows me to really show what I want from one of my pages not every page will be as detailed as this one as I have not been to every game myself and I am relying on other images from fans. This page does though represent the full experience I am striving to complete.


Final Website Production

Today I uploaded the website to the internet so I can start testing it, with the help of Phil this was a quite straight forward process as Adobe Muse has a FTP uploader built in. At the moment the url isn’t related to my website but I have been looking at purchasing a domain for when I want people to start accessing the site. At the moment the url is: , I hope to have a url like : by the end of my project.