Independent Production – Completing 2014/15

Over the last few days I have started to create my 2014/15 individual pages. I have designed a gallery I would like to use and have also decided on the universal lay out I would like to use across all my individual pages even in the memorable games section. You can see the Swindon page below, every page has it’s structure complete but some will still need to be completed with match reports and images as the season is not yet over. The gallery I have used lists all the images in a tile like spread, you can then click on each individual image to expand it, it does this using a visually pleasing transition that makes might site feel professional.

The idea for the layout of the pages was to pack as much information in as possible to give the audience a clear understanding of the occasion. The top of the page lists the teams with the colours they wore that day, I have tried to make this area look like a scoreboard much like you would see at matches. The write up tries to include information on the match and also information on the event, the distance, the amount of fans travelled and also what the game meant for the team and the players, creating a sense of journey as you go through the locations.

Swindon Town 14/15


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