Independent Production – Memorable away games

Today I completed the both individual and home pages for the memorable away games section of the website, meaning the site is complete other than some extensive testing.
The pages look brilliant and I believe the tile effect on the home page is very pleasing it took me a while to figure out how to get the rollovers working with three layers being on each rollover. The first is the actual image then I have added a rollover transparent red square followed by a rollover layer of text giving the date and stadium. I have purposely not included the opponents to give a sense of intrigue for the visitor to the site. After choosing this design I felt it was important to look at the most popular and discussed tile design ever windows 8. I struggled to find theory surrounding it but then came across some quotes from one of its creators.

“We have a design philosophy, and one of the aspects of it is putting the information that you care about at your fingertips. Everything else we want to recede. It should be the best presentation of the thing the person cares about. It’s their photos — it’s not wrapping it in big buttons that say it’s a photo. You don’t need that,” he says.” (Pachal, 2008)

Although my work is a website and not a complete operating system the quote “putting the information that you are about at your fingertips” really stuck out at me. My website isn’t cluttered with information but including the tile design and making the whole page clear with information and links was something that was important to me. It was also important that the site worked with a touch screen interface which a tile like design is perfect for.

Each individual page is also packed with a match report that gives visitors a great insight into what happened on that very day. Below is an image or video that reflects that day evoking even more memories for the visitor. Keeping the design similar to that which was included on the 14/15 pages was important and I feel I have done this only changing the design very slightly, this was due to me having much more detailed match reports that took up more space so it made more sense to dedicate a bigger space to this text.

Below are images of the Memorable away games homepage and the Liverpool away page.

Memorable Away Games Home Page

Liverpool Memorable Away Games Page

Pachal, P. (2008) The Philosophy Behind Windows 8, From One of Its Creators. Available at:


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