Independent Production – Memorable Away Games

Today I completed the 14/15 pages adding all of the content I had planned too. I have now moved on to starting to complete the Memorable Away Games pages. I have decided to rethink how I will be completing these pages after considering the content I wish to find.
I have been struggling to find images of games more than 5 years ago, I imagine this is down to smart phones only really being about for around 6 years, smartphones have allowed me to find images of high quality. Before this I know you were not allowed to take cameras into Bristol City’s home ground Ashton Gate and I imagine this would of been the same at other grounds meaning if you wanted to take a video or photo you would have to do so on a 2 megapixel camera which doesn’t provide you with great quality.
Bearing this in mind and the fact that other games I was looking to include were in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s where there would of been virtually no fan photography. I started to look for a different approach. I came up with the idea of fans submitting requests for games to be included and giving a detailed match report and finding highlights or images where possible. I came up with new page designs and started looking for images and video. My father suggested his favourite away game from 1976 when city played arsenal at Highbury I found some match Highlights that were old but looked interesting as they sparked memories for him plus they sparked conversation between the both of us.
I have now decided that the memorable away games section is now going to be about evoking memories of a past Bristol City for fans, giving them a chance to relive the experience and remembering important goals and wins from decades ago as well as more reason matches. You could say the visitor could just go to youtube and find the matches but unless you are searching for a specific game these videos are hard to come across and you would struggle to find them. My site gives the visitor an opportunity to view these videos coupled with a detailed match report and stats. As I previously said these are also submitted to us so if you have completely forgotten about a game you will still be able to read and view content surrounding it. Below is the new storyboards for the pages and also the video of Bristol City playing and winning at Highbury.

Individual Pages Memorable Away Games Page



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