Independent Production – My Production Process

Throughout the production process somethings have become apparent to me. I have learnt to work in different ways and using different programs.

Adobe Muse – This was the first time I have used Adobe Muse, I normally use Dreamweaver which can become confusing and harder to produce quality work on. I feel Muse has made me a stronger web designer and has allowed me to create a very professional looking site. I have also gained a greater understanding of the program throughout the production process which has allowed me to create an even stronger website towards the end that is very user friendly and really does do everything I envisaged it would do.

Crowdsourcing – This way of collecting information is a very difficult one. Although I eventually secured some success I have realised that it requires a lot of commitment and effort. Finding the right social network is also key mine in the end was Instagram having tried unsuccessfully on Twitter and Facebook. I would though think twice about picking a project like this again though as it requires all of your attention and this is hard to do when you are trying to complete two other modules at the same time.

Continuity – It was somewhat clear to me before I made this site that the site should have a constant theme throughout. Going through with this idea and seeing the end product has convinced me that it is one of the key elements to creating a successful site. Keeping text, structure and colour the same are the three main details that were important for me throughout this process.

Time Management – At points throughout this project I have struggled to juggle all of my commitments. I have realised that having a clear structure and plan of what needs to be done when can make your life a whole lot easier when working on numerous projects.

Picking something you enjoy – I feel that if this site wasn’t based on something that I am so passionate about I may of lost interest incredibly quickly. Having a theme that you enjoy working with is very important and this has led to me being very meticulous about what the end product looks like.


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