Final Website Production- Day 1

Today I started building my final website. After my meeting with kyp we both agreed that working towards the website or at least the brand being complete by Sunday March 22nd, this is the day Bristol City head to Wembley and would be a great day to get fans interested in the project.

Today I created the home page, which I feel is an improvement of my original website, it also includes the new project title ‘Away from the Gate’, this references the home of Bristol City Ashton Gate. The graphic behind is a great image, which is an improvement on the white background which I trialled in my pilot. I have also decided to include an about us page, this will be a small page that describes what the project is about. I have also made two social network accounts that are now up and running, a Twitter account and a Facebook page both under the name Away from the Gate (@awayfromthegate).
Below is a screenshot of the page.
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 21.03.40


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