Proposal #2 – Independent Production

My project is a web based, crowd sourced sites where fans of Bristol City Football Club can explore each others journeys and experiences of away matches throughout the clubs history. The site will be crowd sourced through the fans, each photo will go someway to identifying the experiences that goes with going to watch an away game in a particular era. Fans will be able to upload photos by sharing them through social networks by using a specific hash tag, there will also be an option to email photos, if fans would like that option.
The website will have a different page for each map/era/decade, this will mean the only other page will be the home page which will have a title, some interactive content to do with Bristol City for example a twitter feed of players, fans and affiliations to the club, the main aspect of this page will be a timeline which will link to the only other pages on the site.
The map pages will be completely blank of any sort of traditional mapping features just an outline of the country, the map will then have graphics/images relating to each period. The idea of this is that when using a tablet or browsing on a computer the user will explore places that they wouldn’t necessarily look for therefore discovering new images of games they may have forgotten or even didn’t know about. The map will working by users tapping on a location and it bringing up a pop up window of that ground which will then lead to a page on that specific game(s) in that period. It will have info as well as images relating to that specific journey taken by fans and players.
My site is constantly challenging the idea of the web and the traditional website. Websites are designed to get you where you want to be as quickly and conveniently as possible, this results in users not discovering new content as they can easily get to where they want to go. My site forces the user to discover all of Bristol City Football Club, the boring away trips, the less successful trips as well as the more important moments in the of travelling away.


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