Pilot – Independent Production

The pilot is a very basic incomplete version of my website. Throughout the process of building it I realised many things regarding my project.

The first of which was the inclusion of a timeline to accompany my interactive map. This will mean I will need a master page for my map and then I will have around 10 pages that are all a different decade, this will add another element of interactivity to my site and also make it even bigger.
I also learned that there isn’t really much of a record for Bristol City before the 1900’s. The only information I could find was a few results after a lengthy search. I will continue to search and hopefully either through me or members of the public I will be able to find some relevant images, if not I will be forced to start the timeline and map from the 1900’s and leave out 1890-1900.
After much work I created a basic Ashton Gate timeline page. The parallax scrolling on this page is something that was causing me problems I have managed to get it work but my page will need to be made slightly bigger as the scrolling has meant each box / decade needs to take up the whole page, this allows me to keep this section down to one page instead of having links to each individual decade, this makes for an overall easier website for the user and adds to the one page theme I was looking to create.
The pilot itself gives an idea of what my site will look and feel like. It outlines the interactivity and discovery elements I want to include by giving a interactive map, gallery on the Ashton Gate page and overall basic structure. Although it is really nowhere near what I want the final piece to look and feel like, it has helped me gain an insight in what needs to be done to make sure it eventually becomes what I want it to.

Scrolling Timeline
Scrolling Timeline
Interactive Map
Interactive Map

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