Similar Work – Independent Production

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The first site that will have a key influence on my site is the Life of Pi movie site. The parallax scrolling on this site is incredibly advanced. The user experience is really interactive and stops the visitors becoming bored with the site. The graphics don’t just do one thing, they change the colour of pages, demonstrate the use of green screen to the final shots in the movie and animate text boxes and images so they move in different motions as you scroll through the page. Ensuring the timeline of Ashton Gate on my site is more than just a blog will involve implanting some of these animations into my site, It has also inspired me to ensure my background isn’t just one colour but is a rich illustration of that particular season, if it is in the 1980’s I want images and text that reflect that era.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 16.02.06

The artist James Turrell’s website is a place where he documents his installations and artwork. Turrell uses an ‘Cartographical’ map where users can click along the timeline at the foot of the page to discover what work he created and where it was created in each year. This interactivity is something that has further developed my map idea, I may now include a timeline along the bottom so visitors can pick which year or decade they are looking at.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 16.10.16

Instagate is a place where a Bristol City fan uploads his artwork. This promotes recent games and upcoming matches. The way in which he has created a brand across various platforms that is recognisable to fans of the club is something that I wish to replicate. Having dedicated users and keeping the social networks unto date and relevant is a way of attracting users and also keeping original users interested in the work that you are doing, especially as I plan on asking fans to upload photos to the site to help create a rich collection of images from different decades.


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