Independent Production – Theoretical Context

My project is challenging the way we interact traditional with web material. My website is now spit into two key sections. One being an interactive map of the UK where visitors have to discover for themselves where certain places are with he map being totally blank, until you find that exact location of the away stadium.

Thus an author should see technologies as tools to be used for communication purposes and not as the final purpose of his or her labour.” (Sandoval,2010)

This quote from Claudia Sandoval explains my approach. Originally I was using technology and my approach to that technology as the focal point to my site. By using a blank interactive map I feel I am challenging that approach, by taking a technology and then stripping it down so the visitor to the site has to do that bit more, interacting in a untraditional way, searching for something on the webpage that isn’t visible.

The second half of my project is in the form of a timeline, this adds another dimension to my site, having to completely different ways of interacting with content. The timeline will be in the form of one long page, there will be no way of the user skipping any content the only action will be scrolling and expanding images. Websites are always designed to find the most relevant and key information first and also having the opportunity to get to anywhere on the site from one page, usually in the form of a detailed menu.

Web sites are based on information and communication technologies that enable easy and rapid interaction between consumers and advertisers.” (Coyle and Thorson 2001)

This quote is from 2001 and is still the basis of the majority of websites, this is because websites are designed to provide content in a way that is most suitable to the visitor. In my site I want to challenge visitors to explore content, spend time looking at and reading about events that they might not normally but as they are forced to scroll past they will be inclined to take a look. This is related to both aspects of my site as the map could trigger someone to find a different stadium to the one they were originally looking for ending in them exploring this page.

Sandoval, C. (2010) For a critical perspective of the value of web art. Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds. 1 (1), p. 24.

Coyle, J.R. and Thorson, E. (2001) The effects of progressive levels of interactivity and vividness in web marketing sites. Journal of Advertising. 3 (30)


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