Proposal – Independent Production

My project is web based, it will be a place where fans of Bristol City Football Club can explore the past history of the club they love. The site will be partly crowd sourced though the fans, it will contain images accompanied with text from all aspects of the club’s history, including matches, famous players, kits, stadia, crowds, programmes, and other events outside of the game. The site will have two main pages. One of which will be the Ashton Gate Timeline, here fans will be able to see the images from Bristol which will most certainly all be at Ashton Gate content will start from the very first season in which Bristol City was formed. The page will take the form of one long parallax scrolling page, this will ensure fans have to explore the whole timeline to view the content they desire. The second page of the site will be a blank interactive map, where fans will be able to explore away trips from different decades by selecting a decade and then selecting a stadia. The blank map will encourage users to just tap or click where they think they want to go next this will in turn result in them visiting pages that they didn’t really want to visit.

My site is constantly challenging the idea of the web and the traditional website. The website will have two main pages, these will be the only two easily accessible ones. Websites are designed to get you where you want to be as quickly and conveniently as possible, this results in users not discovering new content as they can easily get to where they want to go. My site forces the user to discover all of Bristol City Football Club, the boring away trips, the less successful seasons as well as the more important moments in the clubs history.


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