Production Planning – Independent Production

I will need to source the following assets and tools in order for me to complete my site.

Adobe Muse -This is the software that I will be using to create the website, It will give me all of the tools I need to create the website to the best of my ability. I have this on my own laptop and have already trialled it, I also fully understand what I need to do to create each factor of my site.
Adobe Photoshop – I will use this to resize images and create most design aspects of my site. I have used this program many times before and I have it on my own laptop.
Social Networks – I will need to set up social networking accounts, I plan on making accounts with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I have used these networks before and I will need to ensure that they all have the same account name to ensure visitors can find each social platform very easily.
Email – I will need to create an email so that potential visitors to the site can contact me to upload images or make comments relating to the site.

Sourcing images – I plan to source images of my own by looking through my own collections, my families and friends. I will also source images from various sites like Flickr and Facebook. I will also be asking fans to upload pictures to the web using a certain hashtag or tagging the project in the post, I will also create an email that can be used to receive images.


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