Independent Production – Initial Idea

Today I have decided on my initial idea, I have had this idea in my head since the start of semester. After discussing it in todays session with Kip and Alex I have decided to go ahead with it.
I plan on building a website that uses crowd sourced content and allows fans to upload there own personal images. The website will be for fans of Bristol City Football Club. The fans will be able to upload photos of their favourite memories of supporting the club. These images will then be displayed on a time line which will be based on one long page; the page will use ‘Parallax’ scrolling which is a technique that I have decided I am going to use, this will be one of the ways the website is set apart from other websites of the same category.
I plan on having different timelines that display different categories for example there will be categories for matches, fan photos and the stadium this gives the site depth. I will promote the site using social networks to ensure I create a fan base that I can rely on.
Other the next few weeks I plan on working on this idea and exploring similar projects, this will allow me to create the best possible end product.


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