Independent Production – Group Discussion

Today we were asked to give our first project ideas across to the rest of the class and were then grouped up to discuss the projects. I discussed my project idea with Alex who is also making a website we both are both in similar positions, we have a potential audience, platform and media to share. We discussed the ways in which we can capture our potential audience to insure our crowd sourced based projects are successful. This involves ensuring that the website is up and running well before the project deadline to ensure the ‘Crowd’ have time to build and upload the desired content.I mentioned that I would set up various social media accounts for the project where fans can upload, post or hashtag images, that would then be uploaded.
We also discussed how our websites are going to be critiqued in a way that makes them different from others. My main idea is to have unusually long pages that contain timelines of photos, setting it apart from the usual page structure of an average website. To make ensure that these pages don’t become monotonous I have found a technique called ‘Parrallax Scrolling’ seen here on the ‘Life of Pi’ website, this is something that I can easily implement in ‘Adobe Muse’. (
It was productive being able to discuss my project with people who have similar ideas and also with Kip who made sure we were working down the right path.


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