Revised Project Proposal – Adorning the Body

Here is our revised project proposal, after completing our project we felt that some changes were needed from the original.

We chose option C) A video art piece that explores the theme of ‘transformation’.

We will be making a short film following a day in the life of a cross dresser following the theme of transformation. The aim of our film is to portray a cross dressers pursuit of the third gender. We intend to show this by following a day in the life of a cross dresser, acted by Andrew. We are focussing on the isolation experienced by cross dressers, due to the social divides created through gender expectations. We will film Andrew walking around the city in women’s clothes, while a voiceover reads extract from interviews with cross dressers that we have personally spoken to online. We are not attempting to come to any solid conclusions with our film, but to open questions about cross dressing and it is viewed within western society.




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