Filming – Day 3

IMG_6078 IMG_6081 IMG_6082

Today we filmed at various locations around Bristol. We started the day filming Andrew walking around different streets in Stokes Croft we were looking for interesting streets that would fit in with our project. We found lots of interesting graffiti and also some very picturesque spots that looked brilliant on camera. We then moved on to the busy Gloucester Road which runs right through the middle of Stokes Croft and into the centre of Bristol. We took lots of shots my favourite being a short time lapse which saw Andrew sitting on an old sofa outside a derelict, graffiti covered building in the middle of the Gloucester Road. We also filmed shots of Andrew and me in a restaurant. This was to show the viewer of the film that as a man he is sociable and maybe even gives the viewer the idea that he doesn’t tell his friends about his other life as a cross dresser.
We then went back to Andrew’s house which is just of the Gloucester Road. We filmed shots of him preparing to cross dress, changing into his dress and pulling on his tights. We also filmed shots of him lying on his bed both dressed as a man and as a woman, making him seem more alone as his makes the transition.
We then filmed shots of Andrew whilst cross dressing. We decided to do these shots somewhere completely different to Stokes Croft, we chose to film at Bristol’s Harbour side. We filmed lots of shots and also another short time lapse with the idea of it being paralleled with the one taken on the Gloucester Road. We also took profile shots and made sure we included some of the features of the Harbour side like the S.S Great Britain. Once we felt we had enough shots we ventured back. Today was the last planned day of filming and we will now be moving on to editing.


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