Project Planning – Cinemas

After deciding on my research question (To what extent is today’s independent cinema trying to replicate the experience of the modern Multiplex?) To successfully research my area of interest I will need to conduct various forms of research. The most important area I believe to be is primary research visiting cinemas and experiencing them for my self.

After visiting the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon and talking to the tour guide I have in depth knowledge on the set-up of the cinema and the ways they operate to generate interest and business. So I have decided to take this as my main case study. I also have first hand experience of the set up of multiplex cinemas as I have visited many over the years. I also have a portfolio of photos from my visit to the Curzon and I can easily visit my local multiplex cinema to grab some photos if need be. This would mainly be to compare the look of the cinema in the foyer and outside around the cinema.

Reading up on theory and facts around cinema going will be my second key area of research. I have initially found the following journals and books that I plan to look at. I may look for more texts when I am at a further stage into my project. As I previously stated I would like to mostly use my own primary research.

Jancovich, M. (2011) Time, scheduling and cinema-going. Media International Australia, Incorporating Culture & Policy., pp. 88-95.
Aveyard, K. (2011) Cinema-going, audiences and exhibition. Media International Australia, Incorporating Culture & Policy., pp. 73-79.
Bottomore, S. (2004) Introduction: Early British Cinema. Film History. 16 (1), pp. 3-5.
This Journal Film History has many articles that I can look at.
Smith, J. (2005) Cinema for sale: the impact of the multiplex on cinema-going in britain, 1985-2000. Journal of British Cinema and Television. 2 (2), pp. 242-255.
Journal of British Cinema and Television is a journal that I will be looking deeper into.

Mennel, B.C. (2008) Cities and Cinema. London: Routledge.
Mayne, J. (1993) Cinema and Spectatorship. London: Routledge.


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