Future of Cinema – Martin Scorsese


I have been looking on the internet for articles relating to Cinema going and the impact of the multiplex. I haven’t found a great deal, mainly coming across re-openings of independent cinemas. I did find an article on the Independent in which the great film maker, Martin Scorsese had written an open letter to his 14 year old daughter.

“I’ve realised that the idea of cinema that I grew up with… is coming to a close… In the future, you’ll probably see less and less of what we recognize as cinema on multiplex screens and more and more of it in smaller theatres, online, and, I suppose, in spaces and circumstances that I can’t predict but change is good. In this revolution in movie-making, there is one important thing to remember: the tools don’t make the movie, you make the movie.”

It is interesting to see such a legendary film maker being so open to the idea of cinemas dying out. He also says that his daughter would be more likely to see films at a “Smaller theatre” rather than a multiplex. This I guess is talking about small art house cinemas that are becoming more and more popular in expensive areas of the world, rather than visiting the sometimes trashy multiplex cinema.
This article is something that I may include in my work but if I don’t it is has definitely given me another way of looking at how the future of cinema is going to pan out.



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