Shot List

Today we booked a camera for Wednesday 19th March; we also created our shot list. This gives us a good idea of what shots we are looking to film and where in Bristol we need to travel too.

Shot list

Fountains & Broadmead

  • Andrew standing still while people walk past (from behind)

Stokes croft:

  • Go pro camera attached to Andrew walking down the road (night shot: 9pm)
  • Canteen (stokes croft) Go pro attached to Andrew ordering a drink in bar (7/8pm)

Castle Park:

  • Walking along footpath (Martha and Patrick filming)

City center:

  • Andrew buying something at corner shop dressed in mens clothes
  • Andrew buying something later in the day dressed in womens clothes

S.S. Great Britain

  • Andrew walking around (night time)


  • Andrew getting dressed in women’s clothes:
  1. Close up of eyes (putting on mascara)
  2. Close up of mouth (putting on lipstick)
  3. Close up of legs (pulling up stockings)
  4. Close up of nails
  5. Full shot of Andrew in outfit


  • Camera filming in point of view of passer by, Walks past Andrew standing in street
  • Night time shot of Andrew walking across suspension bridge
  • Establishing shot of Bristol

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