Dérive to the Pervasive Media Studio

After this mornings lecture we were asked to walk from our Bower Ashton Campus to Spike Island. We were also asked to take pictures of anything that catches our eye. We were asked to particularly look out for the following things:

1. The layering or juxtaposition of history (technology, architecture, etc. including the very new)
2. Historical or cultural information in the urban environment (i.e. what can you find out without googling?)
3. Playful or political interventions in the urban environment
4. Anything that you don’t understand…


Pirate BMXing at Sugar Quay.
Pirate on a BMX

The first image I took (above) layered architecture, history and modern art. The Graffiti of a Pirate riding a BMX on a temporary board hiding a building complex named “Sugar Quay”, captures a lot of this city’s heritage old and new. Bristol was a famous port that pirates would visit in the 1700’s. It was also a major port for slavery which links in with the naming of the new complex that was being built “Sugar Quay”. This graffiti also captured the modern heritage of bristol with the BMX as it is now a popular place for urban culture; the lloyds bank just across the river has famously been transformed into a urban skate park by the city’s aspiring BMX riders and skaters.Then at the very back of the image you can see the crane that is working to build Bristol’s new dockside shopping, housing and dining complex.

Bristol’s Heritage Pub Crawl



The second image I took was of a postcard that I picked up in the Bristol Information Point next door to the WaterShed. The post card showed Bristol’s pubs that were involved in the Heritage Pub Crawl. A lot of the pubs were full of history and in and around the city centre and Spike Island. One pub that I have visited a few times named ‘The Orchard Inn’ was include and was bang in the centre of Spike Island. The way in which all of the pubs which were owned separately had come together to create a postcard was an interesting way of drumming up business. Also to find in such a modern, clean shop promoting Bristol’s old and sometimes forgotten pubs was interesting as when you enter The Orchard Inn it certainly doesn’t shout ‘Tourist Hotspot’.





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