Video Media – Group Project Ideas

This week in video media we were asked to brainstorm ideas for our group video which will be 5 – 7 minutes long. As my group were absent from this weeks session I focused on one idea of my own that I have been thinking through. Using the following option on the assessment sheet I have roughly thought of an idea that matches the criteria.

b) A video that re-contextualises found footage, through the techniques of montage, to create new meanings.

Using option ‘B’ I have decided to use a mix of found and filmed footage to change the meaning of a classic hollywood movie scene. A scene that contains an intense conversation would be selected and then we will recreate the scene to the best of our ability and use an actor to react and change the genre or direction of the conversation. The recreation of the miss en scene will be important as we would need it to look believable as would the dialogue and general acting. Editing will need to be done to the best of our ability, cutting at appropriate times to ensure the viewer is unaware of the cuts between found and filmed footage.


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