Auto ethnography of my personal Media Use – Gaming


In the past year my love for gaming has been dying out, with FIFA 13 being the only game that can keep my concentration for more than an hour. This is mainly due to the fact that playing online with my friends was a major part of my gaming experience. As both me and my friends have grown up we seem to have found new activities to keep us entertained; going out clubbing for example is most likely to be one of the main reasons.

The last few weeks have been incredibly important in the gaming world, Grand Theft Auto V was released on September 17th and FIFA 14 was released almost exactly a week after on September the 27th. I purchased both these games in the hope that my love for gaming could be renewed, I was not wrong.

I have been engrossed in GTA V for the past three weeks now, completing the main story line within one week. My need to play this game could be put down to a few reasons.
The first is that I felt I needed to play it down to the fact that I could see that my friends and millions of people on social networking sites around the world were getting incredibly excited about its release. I was in a way scared that I wouldn’t be able to get a copy and as a consequence I would of felt left out, which is an incredibly child like state to find myself in.
Another reason is the intense movie like story line. I found that the story line captured my attention with the construction of many violent and tense stories mixed together reminding me of some of my favourite films of all time like Pulp Fiction and Snatch. I found myself increasing the volume on my television to make sure that I knew what was going on. This was unusual for me as I normally play video games with my iPod playing music in the background, I guess this is testament to the quality of the narrative.
The final reason for my intense interest and anticipation for this game was the hype that I saw for it across different websites. I remember watching the first trailer for this latest GTA installment, which seems like an age ago and ever since then I have been teased with short videos and galleries showcasing the game. This constant reminder of the games release has been an incredibly clever way of making sure I would be purchasing the game upon its release date.

October 1st was the release date for the games online feature which I anticipated almost as much as the original release date. I rushed home from work on that day hoping to play it straight away, I waited and waited to connect to the servers but after an hour or so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get online. Knowing that people around the world were playing it and I wasn’t was a horrible experience which fueled me with jealously. Three days later I was finally able to get online and I was incredibly happy and played it all night long, which shows that this game has definitely recaptured my love for gaming.


One thought on “Auto ethnography of my personal Media Use – Gaming

  1. This is thoughtful blog that draws out some fascinating aspects of your own video gaming experiences. Your focus on the importance of the social aspect (you could perhaps relate this to Bourdieu’s idea of ‘cultural capital’) in contemporary gaming is particularly well developed and reflects a good ability to stand back and make sense of your own experiences. It might be useful to reflect a little more on the gameplay itself in GTA5 to think about how this helps draw you into the virtual world.

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