CDP – Project Proposal

My project proposal is based around a fading everyday activity. Going to the pub 20 – 30 years ago was a weekly accurance for most families across the country, but with the price of beer going up and the supermarkets offering it to us at incredibly low prices; the local pub is becoming harder and harder to find. My idea is to highlight this problem and bring it to the attention of the public. My plan is to find an archive of old photographs of pubs across South Bristol and replicate the old images using the same composition; this will help to highlight the changes and make them more obvious for the viewer. The key to the images is that they are always comparable this could be done in many different ways; which one will be used is something that I am still unsure of.

These photos will all be displayed on a website. The site will also include accounts of people who used to visit the pub and/or still do visit it. I have a rough idea of how the site would look and I believe that it will highlight the Everyday problem.


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