Judgemental – Final Update

Today I have been editing all day making sure that nothing is wrong with my project. I am pretty confident that there are no more mistakes after a long day.

My first problem was having the wrong format when editing my video which meant that it would not play properly after searching the internet and trying many different formats I eventually found the correct one which was a relief although it meant I had to start the whole editing process again.

I had many more smaller problems but the last one I encountered was when I had exported my film as a MP4 ready to be uploaded to Youtube. This was when I realized that one of my Still Images had a random capital letter in the middle of a word. The images were saved as JPEG’s so it wasn’t as easy as just re-writing what I had previously written. Luckily it was  Capital ‘i’ so I could just use the ‘Rubber Stamp Tool’ to correct it although if you slow the video down and look closely you can still see where I have tried to rectify it.

The film is finally ready to upload and shoud be online shortly.


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