Personal experience of media change

A relatively recent experience of media change was on my 18th birthday when my parents bought me an Ipad I had no idea how much it would change the way I view media and access the internet.

Before I had this luxery I would spend 5-6 hours a night on my laptop surfing the internet and talking to friends, I was frustrated by the speed of my laptop and had constant problems and was forced to reboot it on several occasions. Since the iPad has entered my household I have hardly used my laptop; it almost feels a chore when I have to switch it on. The only time that I ever use the laptop now is to update my itunes libary, Play Football Manager or do a piece of university work using Microsoft Word.

This change wasn’t just for me, my whole family including my mother who hardly ever used the laptop or home PC, use the iPad on almost a daily basis which is testament to how great this media change has been in my family. The iPads main draw is the speed; as soon as you unlock it it takes no time to be on the internet or watching a video on the youtube app. The ease of using the Ipad is definatley another reason why my family are more prone to use it; its simplicity specifically loading apps and browsing the internet is something that could be a hindrance but now is no problem at all.

Another interesting change that this addition to the house has made is that since I have had access to the Ipad I hardly ever view social networking sites like before which was through a browser. When I first started using social networking more specifically Facebook 4-5 years ago I never thought that there would be a different way to access it. I would of never envisaged having a tablet in my house; basically a sheet of glass that allows me to access the internet and run Apps. My most used apps are also the two biggest social networking sites Facebook and Twitter; the introduction of Apps has also massively increased my use of these sites as it is more convenient to post and tweet, through a device that can be switched on in a matter of seconds.

Another major change that I have witnessed in relation to tablets occurred less than two months ago. The price of tablets and more specifically the Google Nexus 7 has encouraged more and more people to become connected. My Grandparents recently asked me to help them buy a tablet and the Nexus 7 was one of the cheapest and best on the market. It is amazing to see them both becoming connected to the internet as they have never been before. My Grandmother was the one who wanted to become connected to the web as she wanted to communicate with her friends that she has met on holidays and such. I have been helping them both get to grips with the tablet and it is apparent that the simplicity of the device has helped them stick to using and not become frustrated. They have both now started to use it and this is something that 5 years ago I would never have envisaged.


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