Halloween is an event that I wasn’t too keen on when I was a younger child. I used to dress up and become involved but I never felt fully comfortable in doing this; my main aim was to collect sweets. My love for Halloween hasn’t grown with age and I am still not totally convinced with the idea of it; but as some of my friends enjoy it I do normally celebrate it in someway.

This year me and my friends decided at a late stage to go out to a local club ‘Bunker’ for Halloween. As it was a late choice to go out we didn’t have time to organize costumes so we decided to go in our normal clothes. We didn’t think to many people would be dressed up; we were wrong there were some people who didn’t dress up but the majority of the club was in Halloween fancy dress. We did feel out-of-place until we became rather drunk we then proceeded to act our usual drunken selves.

Most of the people in the club were dressed up but I don’t believe their sole aim was to be ‘Scary’ especially the girls who were mostly dressed as dead school girls, which consisted of fake blood, school clothes and bad make up. The school clothes were obviously adjusted to look Sexual. I believe that their main aim was to attract the attention of other men in the club and was not what it should have been which was to be in the spirit of Halloween. Not as many Men were dressed up but those who were didn’t make a great deal of effort again with ripped school shirts and fake blood.But I suppose that the spirit of Halloween is left behind in your early school years and these people including me just want to get drunk and have a good night.

The club itself when to some effort to make it seem Halloween like with cobwebs, a stock, skeletons and various other props but I don’t feel this was enough with the entry to the club being £5 they should have made more of an effort to have it themed. Although they did hand out Skeleton masks and other small props you couldn’t help but think that their main aim wasn’t to maintain the spirit of Halloween.The sole reason that you go out no matter what the theme of the night is to have a good time and I cant say that I didn’t so I guess that the night that the club organised was a good one but I just feel that the spirit of Halloween could of been more prominent.


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