Judgemental – The everyday final film proposal

I have decided to change my project at this very late stage. My new project proposal is based around the idea of the world being a incredibly judgemental place. It will explore how different and/or similar six very different people’s opinions are. The main shot will be of a busy high street, it will freeze at different points and the six people’s initial opinions will appear on the screen under there image. This will allow the viewer time to compare and view each persons opinion on the person who I walking through the shot. This project uses the idea of montage to give the viewer many different things to compare and view. It also has been developed and inspired by a short film that we watched in contemporary digital practice which used montage to compare people’s opinions of each other.

The aim of this project is to highlight how judgemental people in the world can be and also hopefully show how very different people’s views are still very similar.


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