Everyday Life of a DJ – Final Film Proposal

Our idea is to do a mockumentary style film following a day in the life of a Dj. The idea would be to follow this character around for the day learning what everyday life is like for a superstar dj such as our main character. There would be a few short sections of close up interviews with the main character giving us some insight and ‘helpful’ tips on being a Dj and how it’s always an everyday task for the main character.

There would be huge possibilities for sound editing and manipulation after the filming process is finished, e.g overlaying music to blend scenes together, using the main character voice to narrate over silent/ quiet video sections. I think we would have to write a small script for certain parts of the film to help make the character over exaggerated and big headed.

Another key issue to think about would be the different locations and setting to use to help have a strong impact on what this character is about and where he spends most his ‘busy’ day as a ‘well known’ Dj. A few example that would be fitting for this character would be; a scene of them in a bedroom, practicing/ mixing dreadful dance music, with commentary from main character telling the audience how good the song is. I think another scene that would work well for this would be to follow the main character around local record shops, showing us how they choose the right song for their mixes. Also another scene that could work for this, would be to film the main character meeting up with a few like-minded dj’s in a record shop and discussing happenings in there daily routines, e.g what the club was like they play at last night. The idea is to gain some inslight of what their everyday life involves as a ‘big time’ Dj.

I want to try and make it the main character very over exaggerated in their personality, costume, setting and do this in a mockumentary style.


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