Gender and Identity

In today’s lecture we looked at the way gender is displayed and manipulated by the media, mainly focusing on women but also looking at the “New Man” and the “New Lad” which are based around the way men now focus on their appearance.

We focused on women in the Glamour modelling industry and how men and women in and out of the industry feel about the women inside it. We read through the “International Journal of cultural studies” November 2010 issue which was entitled “Glamour modelling and the marketing of self-sexualization”. This issue used famous glamour model and so called ‘entrepreneur’ Jordan who has manipulated the media extremely well and made millions through shoots, books, reality TV and ranges of beauty products. I would argue that it isn’t Jordan behind the majority of these products even the books and that her management team has used her fame originally from “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here” to sell anything that suits her target audience and market. It is said that glamour modelling is a sexist industry that makes women out to be objects and possessions rather than people with their own minds, I would 100% agree with this opinion after reading dozens of “Lad’s mags”  my self and this is evident throughout with shoots of women in topless and in their lingerie with very little or no text about the women.

A young model named Amy Diamond who was doing a shoot for Nuts reported that:

“It’s so nice to get your hair and your make up done then for someone to shout that you look fantastic, you look gorgeous. It’s a complete confidence boost, an ego boost. I think everyone should do it. Everyone should have a glamour shoot done just for themselves.”

This displays another side of the arguement that it gives women a confidence boost which is passed onto young women who see these models as role models, so go as far as arguing that the women in the industry are the real winners, with the money they are taking from the business from such a short period of time and the power and confidence it fills them with.

I believe that both the sides to this arguement are pretty strong and they both have good reasoning behind them, but in my personal oppinion i believe that women are portrayed as objects in lad’s mags like Nuts and Zoo and Men not women are the real winners as they are not exposed to thousands of people on a weekly basis.


One thought on “Gender and Identity

  1. This is a thoughtful reflection on the issues we discussed that week. I like that you consider a position that is not your own but return to your own argument in the end. If this were to be developed as an academic essay it would be interesting and useful to draw on in more detail the evidence you mention (of Nuts and Zoo) because this looks like the beginning of a compelling argument.

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