Grayson Perry – All in the best possible taste

During last weeks Experience and Identity lecture Grayson Perry’s documentary entitled “All in the best possible taste” was screened. We watched the second in a three part series that followed Perry as he explored todays middle class society in a bid to inspire a piece of art work, he wanted to create a Tapastry that would represent Middle Class Britain.

One of the most interesting parts of the documentary for me was how false certain middle class people and families were, they would try so hard to be middle class, that everything was examined and had to be the right design or make.These were families living on a new estate in Tunbridge Wells. This for me isn’t how Middle class should be, it should come natural to those who fit the criteria which for me is where you live, your wage, where you go on holiday and the way you live your life staying away from crime and living a realitvely normal life.

A different set of people that Perry met were an elderly middle class couple that also lived in Tunbridge wells but were not so obsessed with the places in which you bought your furniture, clothes and the make of your car; for example they were talking to Perry about where they purchased an ornament that was sitting on their mantle piece suprislingly it was from the Retail shop TK Maxx, the couple also didnt seem to mind sharing this information with Perry which to me is a better, more truthful middle class.

To me after exploring the two types of middle class ‘New’ and ‘Original’, one thing has become clear to me, you can not buy class.


One thought on “Grayson Perry – All in the best possible taste

  1. The documentary is nicely observed and I think you are on to something about not being able to ‘buy class’. If you linked this with the Bourdieu material relating to cultural capital that we have been discussing you could well produce a well-focussed essay on the relationship between class and taste.

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